Bulletin Nº 41, May, 2010
June, 2010

Santiago - CHILE
Seminar and Forum of Civil Society Readers "Women and Earthquake: Building Cities and Citizenship"

June 4-5
This seminar and forum is organized by the Gender and Equity Observatory. Its objective is to develop a dialogue among experts and national and international leaders – social leaders, political leaders, union leaders, rural leaders, indigenous leaders, etc., leaders of women’s organizations and mixed organizations – about women’s contribution to the holistic reconstruction of cities from a gender-equality perspective, and to provide tools to the female leaders of the affected areas in order to strengthen their role in the task of building a new reality.

The seminar can be followed online at www.observatoriogeneroyliderazgo.cl/blog

April, 2010

Virtual Knowledge Center to End Violence Against Women and Girls

International Agency launched a global virtual knowledge center to eradicate violence against women and girls. The virtual knowledge center is the first global virtual space of its kind about strategies for programming projects and policies to end violence against women and girls. It compiles lessons learned and best practices obtained from initiatives worldwide.

May, 2010

Lima, PERU
2nd Andean Regional Diálogos Consonantes

The Peruvian Women’s Center Flora Tristan and the Marcosur Feminist Articulation organized a panel-dialogue “Democracy and Development for Women in a Context of Global Crisis” as part of the 2nd Diálogos Consonantes meeting realized in Lima.

July, 2010

Brasilia - BRASIL
11th Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean

Dates: July 13 – 16, 2010

Regional Program "Ciudades sin violencia hacia las Mujeres, Ciudades seguras para tod@s"

March, 2010

Río de Janeiro - BRASIL
Women and Habitat Network in the 5th World Urban Forum

May, 2010

Cusco - PERU
World Forum: Let’s make Cusco safer for women!

This forum was attended by more than 150 people from women’s organizations, representatives of public ministries, the Peruvian National Police, the Judiciary, local government authorities, the Municipal Police, secur1ty guards, public defenders, community organizations, shelters, NGOs, networks, working tables, collectives, and activist women.

April, 2010

Radio Program "Callejeras, callejeando. Mujeres de Ciudad"

This radio program seeks to allow women’s voices to be heard. Community members, government agents, feminists, and academics speak about their lives and proposals for safe cities for all.

May, 2010

The Municipal Urban Guard will now answer the Green Phone on weekends

The Rosario Municipal Council, through the initiative of “Frente para la Victora” councilwoman Norma Lopez, approved the ordinance that modifies the norm that created the Green Phone in 1996, which attends to cases of gender violence.


Gender Equity: sharing the city and its neighborhoods (Spanish)

Resources for Toolkit (Spanish)

We Women Making History (Spanish)

Strategies for a City without Violence against Women (Spanish)

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