November 2010

Activities realized in the framework of the Regional Program: Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All*


Regional Campaing Women for the city

Latin American cities will be protagonists of the campaign "Women for the City".

The campaign arose from a contest that called on Latin American creative agencies to develop actions for societal awareness raising on gender violence and the right to live in safe cities.

The winning proposal was Women for the City by Agencia Go of Montevideo, Uruguay.

The campaign "Women for the City" will be carried out in various Latin American cities.

Soon an official campaign web site will be launched to let everyone know about the actions and advances in each city and allow people to join the campaign.


Regional Observatory: Cities, Violence, and Gender

This new virtual space proposes to account for the evolution and diversification of gender violence in cities and the changes produced in women's lives (particularly the incidence of the territorial and spatial dimension in gender violence) and create analysis and public policy proposals.

The first stage is in progress in the cities of Bogota, Colombia; Rosario, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile.

Later it will be expanded to San Salvador, El Salvador and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

September 2010

New Latin America Women and Habitat Network site in English

A new virtual communication space was inaugurated: the Women and Habitat Network English Website. This tool will allow for reproducing the activities created by women and organizations of the Latin America Women and Habitat Network throughout the world. Videos and publications are already available.

The link to access this new site is

October 2010

Video Women transforming public spaces in English

The video Women Transforming Public Spaces presents the experience of women from the West District of Rosario, Argentina, who through incidence in public policies and participatory management with local government officials exercise their right to live in and enjoy their city, and work for a life free from violence.

Now a 5-minute version of the video is available in English.

October 2010

Radio Program Women in the City

The goal of this micro-radio is that the voices of community women, women in government, feminists, and academic women talking about their lived experiences and proposals for safe cities for all be heard.

It can be heard on the Red Nosotras en el Mundo website the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm Argentina time.

Previous programs can be found at

October 2010

Chile: Launch of the new website for the program "Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All"

The Regional Program "Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All" in Chile has launched a new website

There, information can be found about the Regional Program's activities in the country, and material produced by the program in prior years can be consulted.

Other related news

October 2010

UNIFEM - part of UN Women: Virtual Knowledge Center to End Violence against Women and Girls in Spanish and French

UNIFEM - part of UN Women - launched this April a global virtual knowledge center to erradicate violence against women and girls.

It is the first global virtual site about these kinds of strategies to organize projects and policies in order to end violence against women and girls. It collects lessons learned and recommended practices obtained from initiatives worldwide.

Until know it was available only in English, and now it can be accessed in Spanish and French:
Spanish site
French site

* The UNIFEM Regional Program: Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All is implemented by the Latin America Women and Habitat Network and supported by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

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