Newsletter 49, August 2012


September 2012

Naples - ITALY

VI World Urban Forum 2012 ITALIA

November 1-17, the sixth meeting of the WUF will be held in Naples. The principal issue will be the Urban Future.

The four principal areas of debate will be focused on Urbanism: institutions and regulations, including improving quality of life; Equity and Prosperity: distribution of wealth and opportunities; Productive Cities: competitive and innovative cities; and Urban Mobility, Energy, and Environment.

Parallel to these principal sessions, a variety of training and exchange events will be held, organized by diverse networks, organizations, and international bodies. The exposition will be open to delegates and the general public, and is an opportunity to share experiences, best practices, and innovative methods regarding cities around the world.

The WUF is a space created by the United Nations (UN Habitat) to debate the problematics of rapid urbanization and its impact on cities, economies, climate change, and politics. It brings together participants from around the world, representing governments, universities, civil society, and the private sector.

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September 2012

Urban Planning and Gender: Women and Habitat Network in the WUF

In the framework of the Networking Events that will be held in the 2012 WUF, the Women and Habitat Network Latin America, together with other networks, organizations, and academic bodies, will participate in two panels:

Planning safe and gender-inclusive cities

September 3, 14:30-16:30. Network Event 15 – Building 5, Hall 15

Co-organized by:
- Women in Cities International
- Women and Habitat Network Latin America
- Huairou Commission
- GROOTS (Jamaica) - panellist
- Jagori (India) - panellist

Gender exclusion is manifested in cities' public spaces and public services, and gender violence limits mobility and the full and free use of urban opportunities. This panel will explore the ways in which women organize to fight back against this gender gap through their right to the city, participation in decision making and in urban planning processes. There will be an exchange of research, tools, and best practices, with a focus on participatory mechanisms for the construction of safe and inclusive cities.

Which “Gender” of Cities for the Future?

September 5, 14:00-16:00. Network Event 65 – Building 4, Hall 21

Co-organized by the Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Laboratorio di Urbanistica e Pianificazione Territoriales together with:
- Women and Habitat Network Latin America
- Habitat and Housing Research Institute – National University of Cordoba
- AFEM, Association des Femmes de l’Europe Méridionale
- Madrid School of Architecture

Cities’ socio-demographic and cultural transformations demand a more inclusive vision with regard to future cities, especially in the case of Latin America. Issues such as density, use and access to land, and housing policies have a gender-differential impact. This event seeks to contribute to dialogue from this perspective of demand diversity.

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July 2012

Towards WUF 2012

Virtual Forum What Cities for Advancing in Attaining Gender Equality?

The Virtual Forum was held on July 25-28, through coordination between the Women and Habitat Network Latin America and the UIM Knowledge Network “For Local Gender Agendas” in the framework of the UN Women-AECID Regional Program “Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All”.

The goal of the virtual forum was to promote a group reflection on the varied strategies and institutional mechanisms enacted by local governments regarding the issue of gender, focusing on specific issues such as: housing, services (health, education, recreation, and others), transportation, public spaces, and the cross-cutting issue of women’s safety in both private and public spaces.

The exchange examined, through the varied experiences of public officials, experts, and feminists from many countries and cities in the region, what advances and actions have been implemented and promised, as well as critical issues and future challenges to achieving gender equality.

As a principal result of the exchange, agreement was reached on a working issues agenda regarding the World Urban Forum in Naples 2012, establishing the importance of the continuity of this and other exchanges in the work developed by women's networks and alliances of women and feminists who address these problematics.

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September 2012

Naples - ITALY

II Urban Social Forum


September 3-7 - The Urban Social Forum will be held in Naples, as an alternative space to the UN-Habitat VI World Urban Forum.

The thematic areas will be arranged based on the day of the event: Right to the city and housing as everyone’s right (day 1); Social and democratic reappropriation of the city (day 2); Right to beaches as a common good, right to free access to coasts (day 3); Environmental rights and cities’ sustainability (day 4).

The II USF will be inaugurated with a general event on September 3 and will end with a final convergence assembly where a reference document will be approved to be officially presented to UN-Habitat.

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