Name of the institution: CISCSA.
Address: 9 de Julio 2482 – X5003CQR – Cordoba – Argentina.
Telephone and fax: +54 (351) 489 1313
-Press and Communication:
Person responsible for the organization: Liliana Rainero, Arch.
CISCSA, a not-for-profit non-governmental organization, was founded in Cordoba, Argentina in 1988. Its objectives are promoting and supporting social organizations, as well as contributing to local governments in the design of public policies and actions in the diverse fields of urban and social problematics. CISCSA participates in assistance to holistic local development projects together with social organizations and municipalities.

CISCSA carries out the following activities: Consulting, Training and Skill Sharing, Research, Diagnosis, and Development. The institution supports exchange and outreach seminars, convoking varied civil-society actors and local government representatives in order to share the results of studies, experiences, follow-up on actions. It also realizes knowledge-dissemination work though diverse publications.

CISCSA works in national, regional, and international articulation processes to strengthen bonds among institutions committed to urban problematics, life in cities, and habitat in general, with approaches to these issues from a gender perspective forming a field of specific development for the institution.

CISCSA participates in various national and international networks:
— Habitat International Coalition
— Women and Habitat International Network
— Latin America Women and Habitat Network (CISCSA is currently the network’s regional coordinator)
— Huairou Commission: articulation of networks and women’s organizations formed in the IV Conference in Beijing, China, 1995.
— Marcosur Feminist Articulation

CISCSA was also a member of the Latin America and Caribbean coordination for the IV World Conference on Women and the Post-Beijing Action Plan Follow-Up, and member of the coordination of the Policies and Proposals Follow-Up and Research Team, Argentina

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