Regional Program
"Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All"

UNIFEM is currently carrying out the Regional Program "Cities without Violence against Women, Safe Cities for All" This program is being developed with the support of AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, and will realize concrete actions in Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Peru.

The Women and Habitat Network participates as the principal partner in the program's execution.

The Regional Program's principal objective is strengthening the exercise of women's citizenship rights in Latin America, reducing public and private violence exercised against them in cities.

Other social networks also participate, such as the Women's Popular Education Network (REPEM) and government networks, such as the Gender and Municipality Thematic Unit of the Mercociudades Network.

The program consists of four lines of work:

1. Knowledge Production and Innovation.

2. Sensitization and Training of Actors.

3. Participatory Territorial Experiences.

4. Strengthening Networks for Political Participation.

5. Technical Assistance.

6. Specialized Education.

The program proposes, among its principal impacts, broadening, making known, and strengthening the public debate on women's safety in cities; the insertion of the issue of gender violence in the social agenda and in public policies; empowerment of women in the right to use and enjoyment of the city and in public policy decision-making spaces; and the demonstration and repeatability of participatory intervention experiences in use of the city and of neighborhoods with greater safety for women and greater gender equity.

The program foresees concrete participatory intervention actions in urban spaces from a gender perspective. These actions will be developed in six countries in the region: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, and Guatemala. These actions will be carried out by the Latin America Women and Habitat Network Intervention Centers in each country: CISCSA (Exchange and Services Center Southern Cone Argentina, network coordinator), SUR (Social Studies and Education Corporation), AVP (Popular Housing Association), Flora Tristan - Peruvian Women's Center, Feminist Collective for Local Development, and Foundation Guatemala, respectively.

Additionally, the program foresees supporting innovative proposals linked to women's empowerment in the socio-urban spaces in Latin American countries.

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Country Reports for
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